Homebrew update

Been busy brewing lately and ended up finishing the first Pale Ale.  Kegged the Hefeweizen and put down another Coopers Pale Ale and the Amarillo Golden Ale.

I find the pale ale was pretty popular with all kinds of people and the Hefeweizen being a wheat beer is more a acquired taste. I really like James Squires beers in particular their Golden Ale. Hopefully the Amarillo I just put down comes out close!

The two brews should be ready by Sunday to keg and I’ll be able to relax for a little while whilst I get through them.

I also bought another keg so now I have 3. That should keep me out of trouble till I get around to building a proper Keezer.

Sorry about the blurry phone snaps, I need to get some proper shots at a later date!

Finally, I tried the Monteith’s Radler Bier which wasn’t too bad considering it had lemon juice in it! Pretty refreshing drop for the summer.


Next homebrew

I’ve been looking and I think I’m going to try brewing a Bavarian Weizen(wheat) Beer with a bit of a lemon twist. My mate really enjoyed the wheat beer we had at the Kona Brewery on the Big Island, Hawaii the other week. I’ve looked on their website and all I can find is their Wailua Ale which appears to have Passion Fruit flavours to it.

I was browsing the Coopers DIY site and noticed they have this recipe for a Bavarian Weizen with a lemon twist which looks like it might come close. Going to give it a try this weekend and we’ll see how we get on.

Finally, come to the conclusion already that this kegging business is the way to go and will probably grab another two kegs this weekend or next. They’ll likely be unable to fit in the fridge but at least I can set them aside for the festive season.

Homebrew keg system

Homebrew keg system 20131021_07115520131021_07114920131021_071201

I recently made the big move from bottles to a keg system for my homebrew. I eventually got sick of washing all the bottles out and then sanitizing and filling them. It took me hours at a time.

On Saturday I finally took the plunge and headed down to the local homebrew store and purchased these beauties!

Already gone through 3/4 of a keg and its going strong. It took less than 20 mins to sanitize, draw off the wert and gas the keg. Within 48hrs it was ready to drink! Brilliant!!!