Next homebrew

I’ve been looking and I think I’m going to try brewing a Bavarian Weizen(wheat) Beer with a bit of a lemon twist. My mate really enjoyed the wheat beer we had at the Kona Brewery on the Big Island, Hawaii the other week. I’ve looked on their website and all I can find is their Wailua Ale which appears to have Passion Fruit flavours to it.

I was browsing the Coopers DIY site and noticed they have this recipe for a Bavarian Weizen with a lemon twist which looks like it might come close. Going to give it a try this weekend and we’ll see how we get on.

Finally, come to the conclusion already that this kegging business is the way to go and will probably grab another two kegs this weekend or next. They’ll likely be unable to fit in the fridge but at least I can set them aside for the festive season.