Homebrew keg system

Homebrew keg system 20131021_07115520131021_07114920131021_071201

I recently made the big move from bottles to a keg system for my homebrew. I eventually got sick of washing all the bottles out and then sanitizing and filling them. It took me hours at a time.

On Saturday I finally took the plunge and headed down to the local homebrew store and purchased these beauties!

Already gone through 3/4 of a keg and its going strong. It took less than 20 mins to sanitize, draw off the wert and gas the keg. Within 48hrs it was ready to drink! Brilliant!!!

First Post!

First Post!

Starting my personal blog to share my travel photos, homebrew adventures and professional life. I have a habit of starting these blogs and then getting disinterested or too busy to maintain. To be honest nothing has really changed except these days I do enjoy sharing my homebrew! 🙂

Lets see how we go!